Why Vegbites

Veg Bites promises to delivers the sexiest taste in town and spread the love of food through our franchisee.

Calculative Investment

The Veg Bites Cafe is unique business model delivers high margin with a iconomical calculative investment, taking your business to a whole new level.

Good ROI

Veg bites franchise model offers good returns on investment in a short period of time. Promising guaranteed and greater profits.

Recognized Brand

A favourite & trusted hangout place among youngsters, A brand that is sweetly associated and well-known among all the foodies everywhere.

Franchise Support

At VegBites we are always available for our franchisee owners so that your business can bloom and grow at an exponential rate.

Our OfferingsSexiest taste in town awaits your arrival and providing a feastful solution to your hunger cravings

Franchise Opportunity

Food Court

Required Carpet Area: 300+ Sq ft.

Expresso Model

Required Carpet Area: 500+ Sq ft.

Cafe Model

Required Carpet Area: 1000+ Sq ft.