Be the part of the sexiest taste in town and experience the confounding of owning a Veg Bites franchise

  • Your Veg Bites store is ready for operation with an area of 150 to 300 sq. ft. only.
  • You have the privilege of our repeat customers for constant sales flow.
  • Esteemed brand loyalty makes the product sell itself.
  • You get access of our popular recipes that have won millions of hearts.
  • Our store support delivery on regular basis provides guidance on production, operation and marketing. Timely updates are also added to the list.
  • We have a team of 20+ professionals who will assist you in establishing the store.
  • Our widespread and valuable store experience comes to your credit.
  • A suitable site for your store impacts your business growth greatly. Hence we provide you with the required guidelines for selection of an appropriate site for your new store.
  • Our complete check-list of marketing strategies help you create your niche quickly in the market.
  • Our expert knowledge of store layout, design, fixtures and equipment helps you in deciding what works best for your store.
  • Our established business concept helps you reap consistent success.
  • Fresh & Regular supply of ingredients and  merchandise to the store.
  • *We assist you in recruiting the right staff for your store and also provide the required training for efficient running of your new store

*As part of veg bites franchising, all our franchisees are authorised to our extensive sales and systems training.