Franchise Support

VegBites will provide ongoing training to franchisees and store managers about the process and system to maximise the efficiency of the Outlet. The staff will undergo a series of training on all the systems to make ensure excellence in execution. This training will be conducted by VegBites Executive certified chef.

Our VegBites team oversees all the regional as well as other product offerings of the menu of each VegBites outlet, VegBites keep updating the menu depending on the client demand and seasonal offering. There’ll be a regular update of the menu during festive seasons every year.

VegBites ensures the consistency of the brand to deliver the sexiest and freshly cooked food in all our outlet. The frequent quality check takes place every month to make sure the VegBites quality standard is consistent throughout all the VegBites outlet, Our executive chef conducts training to make sure there’s no inconvenience faced by the franchisee owners later

VegBites will provide the new franchise owners with all the brand guidelines along with training as a part of local marketing support

Based on the site inspection By team VegBites we will try and provide the best viable solution to your franchising budget to maximise the profitability

over the period of VegBites has procured the list of reliable and trustworthy vendors in the country that will provide the necessary supplies of equipment and materials needed to set up your new VegBites outlet.VegBites will extend the new Franchise owners to nationally governed alliances that’ll benefit the new VegBites outlet.

VegBites provide an official integrated software/IT solutions to manage all the sales/revenue, management, purchasing and inventory management in a progressive touch screen user interface. VegBites will also provide a customer relationship management solution that’ll help you attract a regular crowd.

Team VegBites will provide a manual of guidelines on how to set up the New Outlet. This is done to ensure the standardisation of the VegBites brand. All the design suggestions have to go through a series of approval with VegBites. In case of further assistance, VegBites team can provide with a list of interior designers that can provide the desired service to the new franchise owners

VegBites will assist you in maximising the working efficiency and workflow to design an ergonomic space that increases the efficiency of the kitchen staff.

VegBites will Extend their hands to maximise the support through the regional head on reaching 5 outlets in the region. They will travel periodically to ensure that the company guidelines and standard are being followed, the regional manager will suggest any changes to the outlet if he finds the necessity to do so

Team VegBites will constantly monitor and issue a scorecard of the rates all the franchisees based on the performance parameters as customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. As a part of the business performance overview and continued business support, the balanced scorecard will be discussed with the franchisee

VegBites in the lines with the values and culture of the organisation, recognise the excellence in the delivery of the brand promise and business performance. All the VegBites follows guidelines that are set of parameters

VegBites corporate governance and in order to ensure the highest standard of service levels as well as adherence to brand guidelines, VegBites will perform a monthly surprise customer audit as well as an operational health audit

VegBites provides training modules that help you run your outlet with maximising efficiency and optimise business leveraging the software, system and standard operation procedures (SOPs)